Costa Rica Solar System Batteries

You are probably finding out that the selection of batteries for solar systems in Costa Rica is either very poor with only low quality solutions, or very expensive and out of reach. Our goal is to offer solar electric storage solutions that are affordable but perform similar to some of the best batteries used world wide. We are all aware of Tesla’s Powerwall, LG Chem Resu, Generac PWRcell, and many others. Yes the prices of these solar batteries is high though when you add import taxes, duties, customs, insurance, and HAZMAT fees, plus pay parties to import your battery you may pay up to double the price compared to US retail. What happens if there is an issue with the battery the moment you get it or a year later while still under warranty. You can’t ship it back because the cost to do so will be beyond the batteries value and you may never see your battery working again.

We build LifePO4 Solar Batteries here in Costa Rica

We have them in stock and can build a custom battery to match your needs. All you need is a method to charge your battery and convert it’s energy from DC to AC. Charging can take place with solar or standard charge controller, inverter with a built in charger, or even a conventional LifePO4 / LFP battery charger. Many name brand and generic inverters and charge controllers now support these types of batteries. Drop us email, contact us on WhatsApp, or give us a call. We can build you a 12 / 24 / 48vdc battery for residential or even commercial applications.