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We are here to help you improve your situation with solar and grid energy using both name brand and custom solutions.

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We all use energy in some form but each of us use it differently. Over the counter solutions are expensive and not always the answer.

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Our warranties match your needs. We offer simple and economical plans and all the way up to 100% money back guarantee. It’s your decision.

Authorized Costa Rica distributor for Schneider Electric Solar division, and KiloVault products.

Grid power in Costa Rica is not always reliable when needed. Storms, accidents, fires, and even blackouts can cause short and long term outages. Schneider’s line of inverter products are built to last in harsh environments and KiloVault batteries provide the most affordable storage.

Electricity 24/7/365 Available

If you want to have good power all the time, save some money, and help the planet, then we can help. Commercial, residential, farms, and any other situations that require power.

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Let us know what your thoughts, questions, or ideas are. Maybe we can help you build a new system, upgrade your current solar system, or just go off grid all together.

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