Schneider XW Pro 6848 Inverter – Supports LifePO4 Batteries


XW Pro Solar Hybrid Inverter 120/240V. Designed for solid performance with or without a grid connection. 6,800 watts continuous with bursting.

The XW Pro solar hybrid inverter is the solution for your home to have stable energy 24/7. It will connect with solar and battery storage for grid backup power and/or energy stability. It can be used for solar based systems, battery storage, and even backup power systems without solar. This inverter is a rock solid copper based transformer inverter system that works with our ever changing power from the grid tie connections such as ICE, Coope, etc. It works perfectly by protecting you from surges, brown outs, and no power from the grid. Plus, it does a great job controlling existing systems with micro-inverters. Being a hybrid it can tie into almost any form of solar system plus other alternative power sources. Sell back into the grid or isolate with zero export options match any power condition needed. It support almost all battery chemistries including LifePO4, LFP, Lithium Ion, lead acid, gel, etc.